Kundiawa water woes addressed

National, Normal

The National,Friday 09th December 2011

PEOPLE living in Kundiawa will now have an alternative water supply– thanks to the Simbu provincial administration.
Chimbu provincial administrator Joe Kunda said with the continuous water problems faced by the township from the landowners of the water supply, his administration had looked for an alternative source of supply.
“We have identified a source at Gembogl where we will be getting our supply from,” Kunda said.
He said people from the area had already started digging trenches for water pipes.
Those pipes will carry water to Gon where they will feed supply storage tanks that would feed the main water treatment tanks.
Kunda said the on-going problems by landowners at the water source at Urr had seriously affected the people from the town for a long time.
Kunda said the water supply would be gravity fed and would not need to be pumped to the treatment sites.
He thanked the landowners from the area for the alternative water supply source.
Kunda believes water supply will be restored before Christmas.
Problems with the landowners of the current supply site has seen water disruption to the town for days.
This problem emanates from the payment of claims by the government to the landowners.
People in the water supply area claim the payment of claims was made to the wrong person.