Kundu 2 presenters must lift their game

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 8th, 2015

 KUNDU 2s’ televising of the Pacific Games leaves much be desired from this state-owned entity. 

Watching the Games from my living room last weekend, I was annoyed and disappointed at the total lack of professionalism shown by those given the honour of informing the public on events taking place at each venue. 

For starters, the quality of the pictures is very poor. Surely you can do better. 

Then, you have a wannabe commentator trying very hard to speak fancy English and it wouldn’t surprise me if he hasn’t already chewed off huge chunks of his tongue while trying to sound fancy. 

English is a foreign language so be yourself when speaking it and you won’t make a fool of yourself trying very hard to sound as if it is your mother tongue.

You then have a pretty face who has very little knowledge of what is taking place at each Games venue. Get off your back side and do a little research each day before facing the camera. 

Nothing is worse than not being able to properly inform viewers of events taking place. 

The other commentator speaks the English language so fluently it almost becomes incoherent and gibberish to viewers straining to work out what seems like noise to the ears for many. Slow down and speak clearly in order for the viewers to absorb what you are saying. 

Is the NBC so hard up for anchors that you have to put this bunch of clowns to be anchors to what is already an exceptionally high quality Games that has kicked off with a huge bang? Whatever happened to experienced television presenters in the likes of Raga Lakani, Steven Mase, Kevin Dayonga and Kevin Marai? 

For a huge successful start to the Games, with equally exciting finals anticipated for each event, Kundu 2 need not be an anticlimax to what many are already predicting to be the best Pacific Games ever.

Come good NBC, you can do better than the pathetic lot you now have as Kundu 2 anchors.


Disappointed viewer 

Port Moresby