Kwila scouts top event

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday July 9th, 2013


LAE’s Third Kwila Scouts have been ranked the best troop in Scouts craft, while the Lae Secondary School troop leader was ranked the top disciplined leader at the first provincial Scouts jamboree and Girl Guides jamborette.

The event was held from July 1-4 at Wongkos behind Igam, Lae and hosted by the Morobe provincial Scouts, which invited Western Highlands to take part.

Provincial field commissioner James Masia said during the camp, Scouts and Girl Guides learnt scouts craft, citizenship, emergency and culture. 

Scouts craft includes pioneering, trekking, monkey lashing, exploring using a compass and using bush materials to build tables, chairs and towers.

The citizenship programme includes understanding traditional and government laws, the services provided by government and other organisations, with an emphasis on Papua New Guineans working together.

The emergency programme includes trainers of first aid and other health workers were invited to teach Scout leaders and groups about emergency and health care.

Cultural activities included groups learning traditional art, dance, songs, stories.

Other programmes involved included health education, agriculture, environment conservation and appropriate technology.

The troops that took part were Kwila, Salvation Army 1 and 2, Bowali, Baiune Girl Guides and Scouts, Igam, Taraka, Huonville, Kamkumung, Watut, Lae Secondary and Western Highlands.

Lae’s third Kwila topped the Scout crafts skills followed by Watut, Igam, Bowali and Lae Secondary, while the discipline award went to Baiune, followed by Lae Secondary, Bowali, Salvation Army and Watut.

Lae Secondary topped the behaviour chart followed by Kamkumung, Taraka, Baiune and Bowali; while the perfect school colour went to Bowali, Baiune, Lae Secondary and Taraka. 

Lae Secondary troop leader Alfred Tei was ranked the ‘highest disciplined leader’.