L&A opens new head office

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PRIME Minister Sir Michael Somare yesterday urged Papua New Guineans to make use of opportunities in the country just as others have come to PNG and done. 
“I have always believed that we can do it.
“That one day the world will see and the focus will be upon us, a nation of united indigenous peoples
with an amazing future ahead of us,” Sir Michael said.
He said this when officially opening Luciano Cragnolini’s L&A Group of Companies multi-million kina head office, showroom and warehouse at 6-Mile.
“From here on, we must show our capacity to handle change by welcoming people from other countries to live and work together, to grow our industries, provide employment to our people and add value to our future,” Sir Michael said.
“You have to be a dreamer to have a vision of making a difference in society but I, too, am a realist in
knowing the capacity and untapped potential of Papua New Guineans.”
Sir Michael used Mr Cragnolini as an example.
The L&A boss arrived in PNG more than 40 years ago and used the opportunity to establish L&A.
Mr Cragnolini helped develop PNG and today, L&A employs hundreds of Papua New Guineans.
“I am sure when the Cragnolinis arrived on these shores they did not expect to be here for this length of time, not to mention investing further in this economy,” the Prime Minister said.
Sir Michael said while the opening of the head office was a celebration for L&A Construction “it is also a celebration for PNG”.
“Slowly but surely we will witness in the course of the year other ventures not only opening up but also expanding their operations,” he said.