Labi right about miles problems

Letters, Normal

The National – Monday, January 31, 2011

COMMANDER Giossi Labi is right in saying that Luther Wenge and his administration should do something about the escalating law and order problems created by settlers from other provinces.
Is he afraid he will lose voters if he decides to evict them?
If Wenge is concerned about Morobe and Morobe people he should get rid of settlers at 3-Mile, 4-Mile and 5-Mile.
They case a lot of problems for the people travelling on that section of the highway and they do not deserve to be there.
For Wenge, the days and years that he lived in settlements are not the same as today.
People have changed from being good and hardworking to being lazy and dangerous.
I know most of them are trying very hard to survive and have worked hard on that but if they cannot make a difference in their community then they must go.
Settlers from other provinces are the main cause of ethnic clashes, robberies, hold-ups, pickpockets and other petty crimes, all of them must leave.
Eviction is the only and effective solution.
I am sure I am speaking on behalf of all Morobe illiterate who find it very hard to raise their concerns.


Concerned Kumul