Lack of ballot papers cause chaos

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The National, Wednesday July 4th, 2012

SOME people missed out on voting in Western Highlands because there was a shortage of ballot papers while other polling areas reported a surplus.
In some polling areas, people sold their votes to candidates. Prior to voting, these voters visited the campaign houses saying they would vote in favour of the candidates who gave them money.
In Keltiga, just outside Mt Hagen, a ballot box and ballot papers were destroyed on Monday after disagreements between supporters of candidates.
At the Holy Trinity Teachers College on the outskirts of Mt Hagen city, students and teachers missed out on voting on Monday because there were not enough ballot papers.
The same happened at the Bonga council ward.
 in the lower Kaguul area in Tambul-Nebillyer.
School principal John Onguglo said it was not fair.
He said only about 300 ballot papers were allocated to the school which had more than 1, 000 eligible voters comprising academic staff, their families, students and college residents.