Lack of brokers for goods clearance in trading industry: Official


CUSTOMS commissioner David Towe says there is a lack of brokers in the trading industry to ensure a more efficient flow of goods clearance for imports and exports.
“There is, therefore a need to train more brokers,” he said.
“We are shortlisting 40 applicants for a training.” Towe said those the trainees would sit for examinations and would have to pass with an 80 per cent score to get a broker’s licence.
“The training will now be conducted in Kokopo,” he said.
“The shortlisted trainees will be notified. The trainees will have to bear all costs, including air fares and accommodation.
“A small fee will be charged to cover administrative expenses.
“It is requirement that only brokers can lodge customs declarations on the Asycuda World System.
“After lodgement they get the assessments notice and pay the taxes or deliver to the importers to pay the taxes.
“Once taxes have been paid, they get a receipt on the automated system and collect the goods.
“A release note is issued by the system which is presented to the port terminal operators and the shipping companies indicating that all customs procedures have been completed and complied with for the final release of the goods.”
The process is automated and there are the prepayment system and online payment system.