Lack of equipment impede local doctors

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LACK of equipment and technology in Port Moresby General Hospital (POMGH) is denying local specialists of valuable knowledge transfer from visiting Chinese specialists.
This was highlighted in a report with input by POMGH departments where Chinese specialists are assigned.
The report stated that “our Chinese colleagues are limited by the level of medical equipment and technology that was available in POMGH, therefore, our PNG specialists may be denied the opportunity for clinical practice with modern technology”.
But local doctors are hopeful that the continuation of the agreement between the Chinese and PNG governments to have a medical team from China to work at the POMGH every year would open up other opportunities, such as exchange programmes for them to work at hospitals in China.
This would in turn expose them to some of the latest medical practices, diagnostic and treatment equipment.
Last week, the two governments inked an agreement that allowed a fifth medical team from China work at POMGH.
Four different teams comprising eight specialist doctors have worked at the hospital since April 2002 when the agreement was first signed.
The teams are made up of a cardiologist, neuro surgeon, dental surgeon, acupuncture specialist, an oncologist (for cancer), pathologist, obstetrician and a gynecologist.
Team leader of the fourth medical team Prof Wen Jianhu said it was his vision that the programme benefited Papua New Guinean doctors.
“We hope, through the programme, the doctors, including medical students, will improve their skills and at the same time learn new ones,” he said.
“The service given by the Chinese medical teams have been timely, given the nation’s need for additional specialist clinical and allied health professionals,” Health and HIV/AIDS Minister Sasa Zibe said.
“The arrival of the fifth team will be well received and will contribute to achieving the goals of the new National Health Plan,” he said.