Lack of funds prevent electorate’s plans

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 18th September, 2012

LACK of funds prevented the people of the Yangoru-Saussia electorate in East Sepik from enjoying the 37th independence anniversary celebrations.
MP Richard Maru said the district only had K52,000 in its account when he moved into office. He said it was not sufficient to share among the four local level governments – Numbo, Sausse, East Yangoru and West Yangoru.
Maru, the Commerce, Trade and Industry Minister, toured the electorate on Sunday and yesterday.
“We have only K52,000 left when I moved into office. Other districts have between K2 million and K11 million,’’ he said.
“It’s better we have a big celebration next year.”
He alleged that cheques were drawn from the district account even after the Ombudsman Commission had frozen all district accounts.
“I have ordered an investigation already,” Maru told the people at Tuonumbu, Belmo, Nambari and Yangoru stations during his visit on Independence Day.
“I have big plans. In the next two weeks I will be signing a deal with the University of Papua New Guinea for the establishment of a campus in the district.
“This will provide a second chance for all grade 10 and 12 school drop-outs and others who wish to attain their degrees.
“Yangoru-Saussia must have the smartest brains in East Sepik and PNG. Everybody must go to school.”