Lack of funds stops club from providing free breakfast

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STUDENTS Breakfast club at Caritas Technical Secondary School in Port Moresby has stopped providing free breakfast to students due to lack of fund.
School principal Willma Kalimet said the purpose of the breakfast club was to help students who were not able to have breakfast at home especially those who lived far and travelled to school early in the morning.
Those living with their guardians faced problems having breakfast at home. “We know that our students cannot learn on an empty stomach,” she said.
“Biscuits and a cup of tea is served from 6:30am to 7:15am at the school canteen every schooling days for the students to have breakfast before the classes began.”
Kalimet said recently, the school faced financial problem and could not afford the breakfast so they stopped catering for students.
She added that being a private institution it’s difficult to buy breakfast because they don’t get a lot of funding.
She said the school was still requesting business houses to fund the breakfast club, because many students relied on it to eat before classes began