Lack of liquor ban blamed for clash

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ANOTHER peaceful New Year celebration in the Western Highlands province was marred by bad weather and the lack of liquor restrictions.
Metropolitan Supt Peter Roari said the province had experienced peaceful celebrations in previous festive seasons, “but liquor and a handful of problems have spoilt this festive season”.
He said the inter-clan clashes between the two Moge tribes and other similar clashes occurred in liquor outlets, lodges and nightclubs.
Supt Roari said there was no blanket restriction on liquor trading and everyone had their fair share of problems.
He said most liquor outlets had operated as normal and there was no strict policy within the province.
“However, some outlet operators took the initiative and used their discretion to close their businesses.
“This is a positive sign of liquor traders taking into consideration the damages done by liquor consumption during such period,”  Supt Roari said.
He commended liquor outlets that closed their doors even though it was the peak time for making money.