Lack of service upsetting


The lack of adequate facilities, resources and staff is affecting education output in Morobe, an education official says.
Former Morobe senior education officer Gesengsu Aisi said in 2015, there were 3,643 school leavers in Morobe –1,854 grade 10s and 1,789 grade 12s.
Aisi said only 1,346 grade 10s and 426 grade 12s continued.
He said on average, Morobe produces 3,200 grade 10 and 2,200 grade 12 leavers annually.
He said there was a lack of knowledge on other pathways to continue their education.
Aisi said some school administrations and districts also enrolled students outside of legitimate procedures.
He said the notable issue identified was the lack of compliance to set procedures, networking and reporting data and information between districts and the provincial headquarter.
The report stated that school fights and related disciplinary problems also affected student performances.
But one school, Bumayong Lutheran Secondary School, has taken steps to improve its standards.
Aisi said the Lutheran Church Council decided to transform Bumayong into a school of excellence, in line with the national government’s policy.
The school’s working committee chairman Moses Wanga said they aimed to embrace the standards-based education (SBE) policy (1-6-6 concept) by becoming a senior high school for grades 11 and 12.
Wanga said Bumayong Lutheran School of Excellence 2018-2022 plan had six focus areas: access and equity, teachers and teaching, learning, creating alternate pathways, local management and systems strengthening.
“The quality is emphasised across all strategies underpinned using quality standards for learning, teachers, schools and leaders.”