Lack of services in Kagua-Erave a shame

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday October 11th, 2013

 AS a villager, I would like to confirm the current situation in Kagua district, which was revealed by Charles Miru Luta, the peace and good order committee chairman. 

It is not only the police, but a complete breakdown of services. 

There are hardly any police at the station. 

Are they still on general election duties or have they been posted to other districts? 

Kagua is named a cowboy town and a police presence is needed.

However, police officers are not birds that live in trees. They need houses, so can the Kagua MP build accomodation and buy vehicles for them?

The roads and skeleton bridges still exist, but need maintenance. 

Rundown government offices have no workers. 

Public servants, including the open MP, Aiya James Yapa Lagea, could be operating from Port Moresby. 

But as far as the 80,000 people are concerned, these leaders are not delivring.

Where has all the money for Kagua-Erave gone?

We can see the lack of services.

Such a breakdown clearly indicates  that people taken on to carry out their delegated duties and responsibilities, and over-see the development of the electorate are not performing their tasks as expected. 

As such, I ask the MP to tell us, the people who voted him in, what his plans for the electorate are and how much money has been allocated to carry them out.

The 80,000 people of Kagua-Erave deserve to have this information. 


Villager, Via email