Lack of services in Kagua-Erave

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday October 24th, 2013

 IT is sad to learn there is a lack of services in Kagua-Erave. 

My heart aches for the villagers who are crying out for the assistance and basic services they rightfully deserve.

Their constitutional right to access and pursue a peaceful existence is being denied. 

No doubt thousands of people out there are suffering silently one way or the other because of this.

While many other electorates are beginning to receive government services, it is devastating to learn that there is a total lack of affordable services in this electorate. 

One wonders where all the millions of kina allocated for such services have gone to.  After six-and-half years in the job, the sitting MP, James Lagea, and his cohorts have a lot to answer for. 

People all over the electorate are crying out for assistance and yet he acts as though they do not exist. 

It is a fair suggestion that a high percentage of the 80,000 people he represents are not satisfied with his performance and are quite disappointed by his poor leadership abilities.

Various committee members, village elders, elected councillors and ordinary citizens must come out of their comfort zones and complain to the authorities.


Thomas Mura