Lack of talks irk Naru

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The National, Thursday October 24th, 2013


UNLESS there is consultation, the K800 million Lae-Nadzab super highway in Morobe will deteriorate into another big mess, a provincial leader says. 

Morobe Governor Kelly Naru claimed to speak for Huon Gulf MP Ross Seymour, Lae city Mayor Koim Trilue and Wampar local level government president Michael Poane after a conference yesterday.

Naru claimed a Port Moresby-based Works Department official was “snooping around” to solicit support for the project from local communities along the 20-metre highway corridor without their knowledge. 

“I have not been consulted, nor the MP, the lord mayor and the Wampar LLG president,” he said. 

“That is a clear indication of disrespect, which continues to be the reason for all the argument over roadworks in this province and fund arrangements.

“To date, the department and the minister (Works) have made no effort to establish dialogue with us on any of the roadworks that have been undertaken here.

“That is totally unacceptable and I continue to call upon the good Prime Minister to discipline Minister Awesa and his department secretary for gross oversight and professional negligence.”

Naru expressed surprise and concern over Awesa’s admission this week that K12 million, out of K100 million for Lae city roads, had been used already. 

Naru said that was contrary to the string of assurances given by the minister in the media.

“I want to know which contractors were paid K12 million and for which roads because there is nothing to show for it here in Lae,” he said.

“I am warning them to not do the same for the Lae-Nadzab super highway.”