Lady of Fatima brings joy

A floating grotto at St. Paul’s Parish, Lavongai.
Reception and welcome of Our Lady of Fatima icon at the airport on Oct 14 by Bishop Rochus Josef Tatamai from custodian Paul Folly.

MUCH joy was shared by the Diocese of Kavieng during the arrival of Our Lady of Fatima recently at the Kavieng Airport in New Ireland.
People flocked to the airport to see the statue as it was moved from the plan onto the tarmac.
The delegation escorting the international icon included custodian Paul Folley, of the Australian Needs Fatima Programmer, Fr Joe Okas, the pastoral vicar and Fatima associates.
Governor Sir Julius Chan was the first person to receive the statue when it was led out from the terminal.
Our Lady of Fatima was then led in a candle-lit procession from the airport to Kavieng town and then the Cathedral.
Bishop of Kavieng and president of Catholic Bishops Conference of PNG and the Solomon Islands Rochus Tatamai welcomed Our Lady and the accompanying delegation.
Thanksgiving and veneration followed.
The visit was organised following requests from the laity of the diocese in 2016.
It was a time for the faithful to share apparitions, healing, reconciliation, conversion and even miracles.
The presence of Our Lady demonstrated a collaborative effort between the clergy and laity.
The event showed that the church could be self-sufficient and self-sustaining.
During the past three weeks, Our Lady of Fatima travelled by sea to parishes in Kavieng, Namatanai and the Duke of York Islands in East New Britain.
Preparations began a year ago, and the reception given to Our Lady of Fatima with forthcoming experiences, reconciliations, conversions, receiving sacraments, personal messages through apparitions reflected in the two deaneries of the diocese.
A farewell will be staged on Sunday before Our Lady’s return to Sydney the next day.

Farewelling Our Lady at St Clement parish, Palie-Lihir Island before it heads to St Boniface parish, Tanga.
St Martin of Tours parish, Namatanai, welcoming Our Lady from St Paul’s parish, Manga.


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