Lae Auto Clinic edge Golpu One in eight-ball pool competition


AFTER beating competition leaders Kuima Security, Golpu One were unable to continue their momentum as they fell victim to Lae Auto Clinic 5-2 last Wednesday night during week 10 of the Mt Golpu Lae Corporate Eight-ball Competition at Aviat Club.
Other results of the games played during the week saw Golpu Two defeating Lamadeb 4-3, Guard Dog Security beating Dekenai 6-1 and Kuima sinking Andersons 7-0 last Tuesday.
Last Monday night games between Golpu One against Dekenai, Kuima versus Lamadeb and Andersons against Guard Dog Security were called off due to blackout and the washout matches were scheduled for yesterday.
The games between Gamoga Lawyers Legal Eagles and Guard Dog Security, Lamadeb versus Andersons and Golpu One against Golpu Two were played last Thursday night.
Lae Auto Clinic, sitting in third spot on the ladder with 25 points, did not falter in their game against Golpu One as Charles Arua beat Ringy William in the opening frame of the men’s singles.
But opposition captain Carolyne Matawai turned the game around to equalise 1-1 when she defeated Lisa Clark in the women’s singles.
Golpu One continued the momentum with Patrick Reginald winning his frame against Joshua Samol for a 2-1 lead.
The second-placed team’s chances to secure their third win was short-lived as Lae Auto Clinic’s Bernard Vevera beat Nicole Monmai (open) to level the scores 2-2 in the fifth frame.
With confidence from Vevera’s win, Lae Auto Clinic pair Clark and Manlee picked the game up with a win over Nicole and Joey Santos in the mixed doubles and then continued again in the men’s doubles with Arua and Tongia defeating Dang Monmai and William.
Manlee sealed the game for Lae Auto Clinic, beating Santos in the seventh frame to hand Golpu One their second loss in the competition.