Lae businesswoman stresses importance of floriculture

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday April 21st, 2016

 UNDERSTANDING characteristics and core values of flower plants together with eight decoration principles adds quality to human livelihoods when involving in floricultural business, a floriculturalist says.

Lae-based floriculturist Ruby Jane Mana encouraged people interested in flowers and plants and decorations to understand their own human characters and link that with plants in order succeed in the business. 

Mana said that the floricultural business has the potential to change human mindsets so people can understand, love, care and respect the significance of eco-system.

“Floriculture is not about planting flowers, cutting them and decorating conference or meeting venues and stages as and when needed,” she said.

“One needs to understand the plant itself, their characteristics, how they relate to humans and vice-versa.

“Cut flowers are popular in PNG and play an important role in many ceremonies, but the production and sale of flowers or floriculture is still in a developmental stage.”

Mana said people have to understand the needs of plants to care well for them and when to use them. 

She said that floral business involved eight key principles that governed the fine art of decorations – design, proportion, balance, harmony, repetition, rhythm, accent and unity.

Mana said the flowers used for decoration, either planted in pots or cut require proportion between the flower and the container to strike a visual balance and impression through its texture and design.

“Floriculture and floristry are relatively new and promising areas of business in Papua New Guinea,” she said.


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