Lae celebrates in style

Lae News, Normal

The National

THE commemoration of the 34th Independence anniversary in Lae yesterday was celebrated with residents taking part in various activities.
To mark the special day, the majority of people in the city flocked to the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium for the main event that was organised by the city authority.
With the ongoing disease outbreak in the province, others decided to put up their feet, relax  in the comfort, safety of their homes and celebrate quietly with their families with small backyard parties.
At major supermarket outlets at Eriku and Top Town, employees were adorned in their colourful traditional attires and danced around to the glee of the customers.
On the streets, people wore their best red, black and gold coloured shirts, laplaps, caps and carried around mini PNG flags to show their pride.
Even some vehicles were decorated with flags and their passengers also wearing the PNG colours and singing at the back.
There was a spectacular one last year, even when Lae did not have an official Independence anniversary celebrations.