Lae City Council’s current dilemma

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, June 29, 2011

IT was the glamourous city from the 1970s to early 1990s.
Today, it has gone to the dogs.
Lae city has lost its shine forever and is now well known as the pothole city.
Furthermore, many of its streetlights are not working, there are no street signs, reserved parks and fields are covered by overgrown grass, rubbish and filth all over the place and the list goes on.
Toptown is like a back street with rubbish and betelnut stains everywhere.
The Lae City Council (LCC) has let everyone down badly.
However, the current state of roads cannot be blamed on the LCC engi­neering division’s ineffectiveness or inability.
It has the capacity but is disabled at this stage.
The division is trying all its best to have the streets and feeder roads maintained but is unable to do so because of LCC’s administration negligence.
Why are the heavy equipment, trucks and tractors that Lae MP Bart Philemon bought sitting idle at Kamkumung?
Who is responsible for its day-to-day operations in supplying fuel and maintenance?
Is it the engineering and technical division who is the custodian of the fleet?
Or is it the LCC administration?
There are many ghost contractor companies owned by some city council managers and supervisors.
Many of them do incomplete jobs but bill LCC for full payment.
These are the people who are eating away the fabric of the council.
There is something fishy going on within the LCC administration.
Many Morobeans are aware of what is going on but no one, including our leaders, has done anything about it.
I call on the authorities to launch an immediate investigation into the administration of LCC.
Lae is the economic hub of this country and, if the trend continues with this current culture, I presume this city is heading towards self-destruction.


Pikinini Lae