Lae does not need ‘big man’ rhetoric

Letters, Normal

MANY people have expressed their views on the state of Lae city.
The main issues are law and order problems, which have been well publicised, and the ever deteriorating road network with potholes (even in front of the Tutumang) the size of craters.
Recently, we had a cholera epidemic.
Now we have power and water crisis.
The place is indeed in crisis.
The governor seems to be playing a blame game and nobody is taking responsibility. 
The governor is planning to have another public forum.
Somebody needs to take responsibility and ensure the issues are addressed.
If the forum is about helping to find solutions to these problems, I would eagerly participate.
If it is about another “big man” rhetoric, forget it.
I moved to Lae 10 years ago hoping it will develop progressively and thrive.
Instead, I get to see things go from bad to worse.
I think what we need is not the “big man” leadership expected to deliver the “cargo” but creative, visionary, motivational and inspirational leaders to lead and facilitate mobilisation of resources to priority areas that will have maximum impact on the socio-economic indicators.
The “big man” is destroying our country through ignorance of issues affecting the common people and allowing the forces of nature to cause further disintegration of vital infrastructure.
We do not need management by crisis strategies but concrete achievable strategies that actually deliver desired outcomes.
Those responsible for delivering government services to Lae and Morobe province have lot to do. 


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