Lae escapees still at large

Lae News, Normal

THE 21 remandees who escaped from the Lae police station cells more than a week ago are still at large.
Lae police Chief Supt Nema Mondiai also said yesterday that the notoriety of each of the escapees was not yet established.
Supt Mondiai had established an internal investigation into the break-out on the morning of Easter Monday.
The escapees had gone through a brick wall after dismantling the bricks near the toilet block between 3am and 5am.
They then jumped over the two-tier barbed wire at the back and escaped towards the State House.
Although other media had reported that it was raining and that there was a blackout, police sources said there was no rain or blackout.
“The security lights at the rear of the building were shining brightly,” he said.
The public have been urged to take precautions while emphasis has been made of the need to be alert during rainy nights and never to live children and young girls alone in homes.