Lae firms warned on use of paths

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The National, Friday June 21st, 2013

 LAE City Council’s policing unit will be issuing notices to companies whose trucks, containers and trailers use pedestrian footpaths as car parks. 

Officer in charge Simon Yipam said yesterday that checks would be made around the city to ensure companies and individuals adhere to traffic regulations.

A provincial government official on Tuesday decried the growing number of vehicles being parked on sidewalks saying he would be seeking legal advice in the hope of curbing the practice on Lae roads.

Yipam said the policing unit had in the past handed out notices to offending companies but these warnings have gone unheeded.  

Those were for the companies in question to pay fines but for many the seven day duration had lapsed and fines have not been paid.

“Trucks and other large objects parked on walkways were obstructing traffic and can cause an accident, are hideouts for criminals, are being used as toilets and rubbish dumps,” he said.

“The policing unit will be chasing after fine evaders, who, if they fail to pay up will be taken to court.

“We are repeatedly reminding people but they are not taking any notice and continually ignore our warnings.” 

Yipam said the police traffic unit and Land Transport Board also needed to work with them to cut down on the traffic infringement.

“Sidewalks are made for pedestrians to walk on and when containers, trucks and semis are parked there, people are forced to walk on the road and risk being run over,” he said.