Lae football to start Super 8 pre-season competition

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The National – Tuesday, December 7, 2010

LAE’s major soccer associations, Lae Football Association and LAHI, have combined for an off-season football tournament involving the top eight top teams in their leagues, starting this weekend at LFA Park.
Local firm, Niugini Builders yesterday made a commitment to support the competition to be known as Niugini Builders Super 8.
Four top teams from the LFA league are City United, Lae Biscuit Poro, Sentas and West while the best four from LAHI – Sobou, Sogeram, Unitech and Sambure will vy for the  title of Lae’s best.
Niugini Builders Resident Director, John Buri, yesterday pledged the firm’s support of K5000 saying the business began in Lae and had been supporting the community mainly through sports over the years.
One problem Niugini Builders has envisaged through its sponsorship of sports is player and spectator violence and according to Buri deterred many businesses from sports sponsorship.
LAHI President, Bernard Tzilu and LFA president Toki Mambere thanked the sponsor yesterday saying youth numbering around 2000 played in the two competitions were students and the unemployed from  around the city and sponsorship went a long way to assisting clubs and associations to function.