Lae housing problems


I AM a long-time resident and public sector worker in Lae and I live in a settlement because of the lack of housing.
I disagree with MP John Rosso who wants to remove the stay order that is preventing the removal of settlements in Lae.
I wonder if he knows who exactly live in those settlements.
If you go into a settlement, you will see that the people who live there are mostly teachers, nurses, accountants, managers –workers of both the private and public sector.
These are mostly middle income earners who would otherwise be living elsewhere if Lae had good and affordable housing.
If Rosso gets rid of those settlements then what will happen to the people who are living there?
Has Rosso any plans to relocate the people and allocate houses to them, since they are taxpaying citizens? Has he thought about the children and women who will be affected?
He has no development plans to solve the city’s housing woes and yet rants in the media about removing settlements as if all the settlement people were vagrants, homeless and unemployed. Our good MP should understand that Lae is a multi-ethnic society comprised of people from all aspects of life who are living in houses they can afford.


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