Lae infrastructure on rapid decline

Letters, Normal

The National- Friday, January 21, 2011

 PAPUA New Guinea is renowned for accepting gifts and presents of highest value on golden plate but we lack the decency to maintain such infract structure such as roads, hospitals, bridges and many public assets in place.

For example, the Lae roads funded by AusAID and built by Barclay Bros in early 2000 are deteriorating fast and will soon revert to their original state.

The dust in Lae is having an adverse effect on families, especially people with respiratory problems.

The sealed streets of the 1970s and 1980s are no more, things of the past.

The PMVs are running wild and at will, with no measure of control in place. They are using all sorts of routes, unlike the past when they strictly adhere to routes allocated by the land transport board. Many PMV buses and ordinary vehicles are not roadworthy yet they continue to bounce around, deepening the already-deep potholes.

When a vehicle breaks down they are left in the middle of the road to obstruct other road users; there’s no thought about moving them to the side.

Whose responsibility is it to police this type of laws?

There is total break down in the governance of public property and decency. Who is really responsible?

Our hope is to pray that God in his own time can speak to people to be responsible in our dealings and attitudes



SS Yap

Hibiscus Ave