Lae market needs improvement too

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday July 15th, 2013

 LAE market boasts an abundance of fresh food but it badly needs attention.

The market which attracts many people has become a health hazard.

It lacks proper disposal and storage facilities.

There is no place for the people to trade, sit or rest.

Recently, it was announced that there would be some improvement but as in the past, any such changes benefit only the non-Morobean trading section

Why are Morobeans being neglected in their own city?

Why do Morobeans have to sit or stand in the sun or get wet in the rain while non-Morobeans are sheltered?

Lae MP and Governor Kelly Naru was recently petitioned to improve the situation but nothing has been done.

If the authorities cannot improve what we have, how can we really expect a new market?


Bapa Bomoteng