Lae market notes drop in revenue


THE Lae Market management, under Lae City Authority, has been generating about K200,000 a month since taking over from the Lae City Council but this has dropped, an official says.
Market manager Gou Tabaray said they were currently missing between K50,000 and K60,000 which they did not collect on their monthly average.
Tabaray said the market revenue dropped 12 months ago.
“Last year, we collected a total of K1,572,412,” he said.
“This year, we are looking at increasing the amount to around K3.5 million.
“Money collected at the market daily is banked straight away.
“This is possible because of the good initiative by Lae MP and Lae City Council chairman John Rosso.”
Tabaray said security was strict at the market in order to limit illegal activities and adhere to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) protocols.
The authority took over from Lae City Council and started managing the market in 2019.
The market manager is an employee of LCA.
He added that there would be a new market which would be built this year to address the spacing issues faced by women and vendors at the market.
“Spacing is a huge issue and we will try to expand it,” he said.
“I also want the market users to be responsible when using the facilities at the market.
“All hand washing basins have been spoilt.
“People are not looking after them.
“Different mothers and sellers need to change their attitude and look after these properties.”

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