Lae MP wants city commission

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 21st August, 2012

NEWLY-elected Lae parliamentarian Loujaya Toni has vowed she will fight to ensure the much talked about Lae City Commission becomes reality.
At the official welcome ceremony hosted by the Lae Urban Local Level Government council in Lae, Toni said she had been assured by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill that Lae city would gain its commission status in the near future. Toni, who is Minister for Religion, Youth and Community Development, said she would pursue the Lae City Commission bid because that was the key factor in saving the city from the doldrums it found itself in.
“The Lae City Commission bid was incorporated into the Alatou Accord by the prime minister,” she said.
“When I was asked about my priority for Lae city, the first thing that came into my mind was the city commission so I told the PM and it was incorporated into the accord.”
Toni said the increase of the Lae city population had guaranteed the Lae ULLG should be given commission status. Toni said the first thing for Lae city was to have the commission status so that basic services mechanism could follow. She said she had obtained the copy of the commission proposal and would present it to the National Executive Council. Toni urged all the nine Morobean parliamentarians and Governor Kelly Naru to support her on the bid to attain the Lae City Commission status.
“This is for the betterment of Lae city and Papua New Guinea. The liquefied natural gas project is just around the corner and its gateway is Lae city and we have to be prepared.”
Lae City Mayor James Khay said the city had been neglected for too long and it was time government recognise it. it was recognised by the government.