Lae needs alternate power

Letters, Normal

The people of Lae city and the surrounding villages, all the way to Ramu Sugar, should start thinking about an alternative form of electricity provider.
Over the last weeks, PNG Power has caused havoc to Lae city, and the surrounding areas by not providing power.
This is hindering progress and causing business houses and industries to lose millions of kina.
Household items such as electrical appliances are spoiled as a result of power surge.
I live in Ramu Sugar where there is constant wind flow and ample sunlight at Markham and Ramu valleys.
If the Morobe provincial government is serious about sourcing for alternative electricity, why not fund a scientific and technical research team from Unitech and UPNG to conduct studies on two natural resources – wind and sun?
The scientists can study the wind speed, direction and how much energy the wind can produce when converted into electricity by a wind mill.
The same can be done with solar power.
Once the information are collated and calculated, we will know how much electricity can be generated to power the Markham valley and Lae city.
Also, we do not have to worry about pulling our hair out each time there is a power failure in Lae no thanks to PNG Power.
I think it is time for us to look at alternative power.
I call on business houses to unite and allocate a certain amount of funds so that our scientists can conduct researches.


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