Lae pastors fraternal slams phone lottery

Lae News, Normal

THE Lae pastors fraternal has called on the government, the National Gaming Control Board and telco, Digicel, to stop the phone lottery.
They also called for parliament not to legalise prostitution.
The fraternity’s deputy chairman Newman Watapi and others including Pr Henoma Topoqogo, called a press conference at the Our Saviour Lutheran church at Bumbu police barracks yesterday and said they would be asking the public to sign a petition to hand over to the Morobe provincial government.
They said legalising lottery and prostitution was against Melanesian culture and would destroy people because it had spiritual implications.
They are calling on the city residents to sign a petition at the Vele Rumana building in Top Town today.
They said Papua New Guinea was a country of Christian and should not be allowed to “be destroyed by unthinkable activities”.