Lae police continue traffic operation

National, Normal

The National – Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LAE city police have so far handed more than 1,000 traffic infringement notices (TINs) since they began their road safety operations last week.
And more are expected to be rolled out during the festive period.
The road safety exercise was to target motorists to make sure their vehicles are road worthy, and at the same time, look out for escapees and wanted persons.
The Morobe traffic registry office was swarmed with vehicle owners and drivers enquiring about registration, licences and driving tests.
Metropolitan commander Chief Supt Nema Mondiai said the road safety operation was the forerunner to another major festive period operation which would take place shortly.
This exercise will run parallel with the major operation which will begin soon.
“The target audience with the road safety operation is the PMV and private vehicle owners as well as the companies to ensure that their vehicles are road worthy,” Mondai said.
TINs are issued with complete compliance with the Motor Traffic Act and is a collective operation between police, traffic registry, National Transport Board and Motor Vehicle Insurance Ltd.
Apart from ensuring that this festive period is celebrated without any major road accidents, the operation is also informs vehicle owners and drivers to get down to basic vehicle maintenance.
“Many drivers and vehicle owners do not even bother to get their vehicles fixed.
“There were many vehicles being involved in and out of Lae city without being detected for their roadworthiness. And this operations is to ensure this things are identified and rectified,” he said.
Traffic registry chief executive officer Johua Mais said most of these drivers and vehicle owners were ignorant and lazy when it came to getting their vehicle insured, registered and keeping them roadworthy.
Mondai said the major operations would commence on Friday and end on Jan 2.