Lae police seize fake cigarettes

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POLICE last week confiscated 34-inners of contraband cigarettes from a shop in the Lae main market area and investigation are continuing, Lae Met Supt Chief Insp Chris Kunyanban says.
He said the fake Cambridge packets would be given by police to British American Tobacco factory in Madang for testing this week.
“This is for them to see if this product is genuine or not and that the quantity and the quality of chemicals contained in those cigarettes,” Chief Insp Kunyanban said.
He said an analysis would be done to determine if the cigarettes were fit for human consumption.
He said once the tests were done at British American Tobacco and a report was provided, police would continue their investigations.
“Over the years, we experienced serious issues on contraband products being circulated in almost every part of the country,” Chief Insp Kunyanban said.
“This means that all government agencies concerned should come together to address this (so it) is closely monitored contained.”
Chief Insp Kunyanban said it would be difficult if there was no positive approach in containing this issue as the issue was not happening in one part of the country but all throughout the country.
Meanwhile, one suspect was arrested and would be charged as soon as investigations were completed.
“(A) good example is that these counterfeits are sold on the streets or elsewhere for much lesser prices than the genuine ones and many people do not have a second thought when paying for those counterfeit products.”


  • Hold him accountable for stealing millions from PNG government and threatening the lives of PNGans. Skin him alive and make a scapegoat out of him.

    Em ol ting mipela longlong yah!!

  • CONTRABAND GOODS are what ASIANS are promoting in PNG and they are making MILLIONS of KINA out of our ignorance because of our weak Legal System, Weak/Poor Surveillance and above all; those who are supposed to prevent/stop/check/ this from happening are compromising their duties in the name of BRIBERY so it is not only with the Cigarette, I suspect there are other mini factories operating behind closed doors where Asians are operating. Just a thought.

  • Our look “North Policy” is bringing these fake goods and brining Assisan migratants in PNG. Can we change the policy from look North to LOOK SOUTH”. Just a thought.

  • We are accepting Asian’s CONTRABAND GOODS and they take our place in SMEs, why not the sleeping authority should wake up and take full inspections from beverages to perishable caned goods and the list goes on and see how much those Asians have been fooling us with CONTRABAND GOODS over the years

  • Come check the Asian stores next to the SDA residential houses at 2mile Lae also, there`s plenty of counterfeits sold there for eg: Meadow Lea butter & Coca Cola softdrinks & many more, come see for yourselves.

  • We are also to blame because we ourselves blindly go ahead and buy those counterfeit, low quality products.

    If we stand firm and educate our people not to buy these counterfeit products, they will close their doors and leave.

    This is our country and we should be in control and have upper hand. But when we are naive and ignorant, we allow them to take advantage us.

  • Yes, all those points are very, very, important.

    PNG government please take this very seriously. If you come to Alotau, in every store, Asians are selling bgarbage full of fake items.

    Even worse, nothing’s in English but all Asians laungage. we won’t know what’s inside those packets till somebody dies by food poisoning.

    I’ve being in ENBP & every shop is run by Asains with useless products that never lasts. One example, umbrellas.

    We should be selling PNG made, American, Canadian, NZ, Australian, UK, Korean, Japanese made products in PNG.

  • Yumi tu i longlong, bikos mipela i laikim baim ol samting i cheap. Buy QUALITY products. Expensive products are quality staff. We are educated and what sort of education that we obtain and are still buying cheaper products and they lasted for a short time. Did/Do we learn from those experiences or not?
    The very people who are selling those fake products does buy them and use them in their daily living. They have fake so many fake factories are producing the products to sell in our country and also third world countries. Are we second hand or fake human beings or by product.
    Not at all. So please lukluk gut na skelim wanem samting yu laik baim na baim

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