Lae policemen’s attitude disappointing

Letters, Normal

I REFER to your report about constant harassment along Boundary Road by settlement youths last week.
I myself have had a shotgun pointed at me outside the Catholic church on Boundary Road when I had to slow down because of the massive potholes.
I changed down to second gear as if to stop, then accelerated and aimed the truck at the raskol, who jumped clear without pulling the trigger. On another occasion at the same spot, I was driving my minibus when I spotted two raskols pushing a woman to the ground and stealing her handbag.
They took off up Dysox Street and I pursued them in the minibus, sounding my horn and flashing my lights.
This is when I allowed myself a cynical smile at Lae metropolitan commander Supt Nema Mondiai’s statement blaming “the lack of police presence and the shortage of police vehicles”.
As I chased the raskols, I spotted a police 10-seater Landcruiser facing me in the middle of the narrow road. This vehicle was sent to pick up a senior policeman who lives in the street.
I thought “Gotcha!”  Instead, the senior policeman, his driver and another cop got out and stood watch.
The raskols ran past them and the policemen did not even bother to lift a finger to stop the duo.
The only person who tried to stop the raskols was one of the residents who tried to make a rugby tackle but missed. I was not the only one who witnessed the policemen’s apathy. What a disappointment.

Braid Anderson