Lae residents’ views on death penalty

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The National, Monday 3rd June 2013


THERE are still differing views on the implementation of the death penalty even after amendments to the Criminal Code were approved by Parliament.

The National talked to some Lae residents on the issue.

Francis Supa, Chuave, Chimbu

Death penalty is good but the most important thing to do before imposing the death penalty is to find the real root cause of social ills which lead to death penalty.

David Si, Chuave, Chimbu

I support the death penalty, implement it as soon as possible because many innocent lives have been lost and the killers are still living among us. I support it.

Harold Moliganio, Menyamya, Morobe

I support the death penalty to be implemented because despite we calling ourselves a Christian country, our actions are different. For what we sow we will reap the result. If you sow bad you will reap bad, if you sow good you will reap good. Without the death penalty crime will continue to escalate.

Mito Russell, Daru, Western

If you were raped or if your mother was murdered you will definitely support the death penalty. Many law-abiding citizens have suffered for too long so it’s time for the death penalty. It’s the best deterrent possible. However our police investigations and prosecutions must be up to the game. It’s a shame for the courts to allow a rapist or murderer to walk free because of lack of evidence or some poor excuses.

Jonah Paki, Mendi, SHP

I support the death penalty because serious crimes have gone out of hand and it’s long overdue.

Lolong Bona, Karkar, Madang

I think it is a very stupid, bad idea simply because it won’t solve anything. If we kill someone because he killed, it is revenge not justice. And what we need is justice, common sense

Lillian Baiso, Baluan island, Manus.

Why should a killer be free to walk around and enjoy freedom when his victim is dead and the family will be suffering for years to come? Why should a rapist enjoy the freedom while his victim walks around in shame and faces stigma for the rest of her life. Thank you for the death penalty. It is long overdue.

John Yai, Wabag, Enga

I am against it. Some people will go to the extent of killing someone just to shut him or her up. We are Christians and it is only a minority that are doing bad- not all of us. I go for the implementation of life sentence only.