Lae safety risks rising


THE National is my preferred daily and I read it faithfully and would appreciate if you could air my concern. I attended a district court hearing at the Lae Court House on Nov 25 from 10am-12pm.
I walked across to the town bus stop, got on a town-market bus heading back to the office.
While I was sitting in the front seat, next to driver, a pick-pocket walked passed, reached in the bus and took my phone and ran while I was taking to someone else also sitting in the bus.
I got off the bus and ran after him but is was hard to catch up because there were other buses and passengers all over the place, as well as other pick pockets.
Most of them are from the Highlands. My concern is, where are the authorities and what are they doing regarding this law and order problems?
At the Lae town bus stop, main market bus stop and Eriku bus stop, public safety is not guaranteed.
Where is the member for Lae Open and the Morobe Governor?
Can they send an investigation team to these areas and interview street vendors and others where they come from, there job description, where they reside etc.
They can find out who is causing the most trouble and address it.
Can the Government look at this problem and address the issue urgently?
The Coronavirus (Covid-19) and other diseases are on the rise in
Morobe because we have people acting like animals who lived in unplanned settlements creating all this rubbish.
This is just one of the many issues Lae residents are facing.
It would be appreciated if more on this and other safety issues surrounding Lae residents could be highlighted in this paper.

Barry Donnea