Lae Salvos assist Manam islanders

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THE Lae Northcoast Salvation Army is now in Madang organising relief supplies for Manam islanders who have fled the Tobanam Care Centre to the Bogia station to escape the violence.
Salvation Army team leader Capt Bernard Kila said about 192 families comprising of 700 people needed food, water, clothing, cooking utensils and garden tools.
“They have lost most of their belongings and are really in need of assistance,” he said.
Capt Kila and his four members were working closely with the Madang provincial disaster and emergency services and the Madang provincial administration.
The Salvos were one of the very first churches or non-governmental organisations to respond after two weeks of violent clashes between the islanders, who were displaced by a volcanic eruption about 10 years ago, and the locals from Bogia mainland.
Capt Kila described the current situation as “quiet” as they waited for aid.
The Manam children are the most affected, forcing them to skip school.
Madang people living in Lae said the Government was taking “too long” to address the plight of the islanders.