Lae security firm steps up

National, Normal

The National, Friday June 21st, 2013

 A SECURITY company has purchased a new vehicle to make the daily transfers of cash to banks safe and secure.

ArmSec Ltd, a locally-owned company based at 14-Mile in Lae, and formerly known as PNG Armoured, was formed 20 years ago.

General manager Koni Iguan said the company dealt with 42 companies in Lae to ensure their properties were protected and secured.

“ArmSec strives to meet not only the growing demand in security business but importantly ensure human lives, materials and properties were safe and secured,” he said.

The company purchased the new armoured vehicle from Japan. 

“The combat-type vehicle is installed with a communication system, armed, and would be used by trained guards”, Iguan said.  

He said the company employed more than 200 guards for escort duties with companies, transfer of dignitaries to and from airports, banking transfers, dog unit, pick up and drop offs and property protection.