Lae settlers told to stop killing, torturing or face eviction


Settlers in Lae who are killing and torturing people accused of sanguma (sorcery) have been told to stop or face eviction.
Lae MP John Rosso issued the warning after a spate of killings, torture and armed kidnappings over sanguma allegations in urban settlements recently.
Rosso said sanguma was a superstitious belief and people should not accuse and attack others.
Last month, a couple was kidnapped and tortured by a mob over sanguma allegations.
Police intervened and saved their lives.
Last week, police managed to save and transport two sanguma suspects to their home provinces in the Highlands. “Let me point out to the people of Lae that I am going to take a hardline stance here,” Rosso said.
“If violence continues in settlements that are unplanned, the city will take steps to eradicate those settlements.
“They can go somewhere else and practise their evil ways and not in Lae. Violence boils down to our mindsets and attitudes.
“Sorcery has been rearing its ugly head in Lae.
“We have never had this in Lae.
“It is an imported problem.
“People are blaming people for illnesses like AIDS or TB.
“They just blame someone, call his name and burn him at the stake. Our ancestors did not burn people at the stake.
“Where did this come from?
“Imagine if someone blamed your mother and sister, and burned them at the stake.
“Would you be happy?
“All of us have to make a stand on this and stop accusing people of sorcery.”