Lae Snax Tigers assist earthquake victims with container of biscuits


The Lae Snax Tigers on Friday joined donors across the country and gave a container of biscuits for people affected by the earthquake in the Highlands.
Mendi Rugby League administrator Emmanuel Toll and Mendi Muruks players received the donation. Lae Biscuit Company chairman and chief executive Ian Chow told The National that the chairman of the Muruks had requested a trial match against Tigers over the weekend, however, the Tigers were drawn against the Goroka Lahanis.
The Tigers instead handed over the biscuits to the Muruks which will be distributed to victims of the earthquake in Southern Highlands.
“On the field, we have a battle and it’s always been a big one,” Chow told the Muruks.
“Not just the Mendi Muruks, but also with all the other teams.
“But off the field, we are one family and we are all united.
“So in your hour of need we are happy to support you with this container of biscuits.”
Mendi Muruks chief executive James Hyn said the franchise had been providing awareness for their people affected by the 7.5 magnitude earthquake on Feb 26.
“We feel for them because throughout the 80 minutes of playing on the field, they’re behind the team,” Hyn said.
“We feel sorry for those affected by the earthquake and we are driving the relief awareness for our people back home.
“Thank you, Lae Biscuit Company.
“You have been supporting charities throughout PNG.”

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