Lae to pilot biometric system

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday February 26th, 2014

 THE much-talked about Biometric System by the Minister of Religion, Youth and Community Development and Lae MP Loujaya Kouza (pictured)  will be piloted in the district.

Lae wants to be a model district to carry out the programme in partnership between SkyCo System PNG Ltd and 3M Cogent Inc of the United States.

SkyCo System’s Joe Kile demonstrated how the Biometric System worked in Lae before 23 ward councillors, district administrators,  Kouza and the media.

Biometrics is the capturing of fingerprints, face and iris (eye) along with the collection of an individual bio-data and storage of that information in a central database for verification.

Kile said two tonnes of equipment had arrived in Lae and training would be conducted for ward councillors in two weeks.

“The project will be managed by the district administrator and we are just the contractors coming here to provide technologies and enhancing the development needs for Lae district,” Kile said.

He said anything the MPs said or did, the target was human beings, the population and if MPs and planners did not know the population number, how would development go.

“The technology is written and developed locally but is manufactured overseas and is fully compliant to PNG laws and universal applications,” Kile said.

Lae district administrator Robin Calistus said the  system would be rolled out in the district in a period of five months and cost the district K5 million to pilot the programme.