Lae women’s group on mission in West Sepik

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A GROUP of 20 women from the Church of Hope of the Lutheran church in East Taraka, Lae, are in West Sepik to carry out missionary work.
They arrived last Friday in Vanimo and headed straight to Sera village in Aitape where one of three Lutheran churches in West Sepik is located.
Church elder Michael Sakelu said the work of the missionary was important and for the women to leave their families to be missionaries was overwhelming.
The province is dominated by other churches and they would like to also broaden the reach of the Lutheran.
Sakelu who heads one of the Lutheran churches in Aitape area said the work of God needed to reach every corner.
The women missionaries will be in Aitape for a week, then spend a week in Vanimo before they head back to Lae.

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