Lahanis heads slams reports over sackings

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BINGTANGOR Goroka Lahanis board chairman John Sia and his deputy Himony Lapiso slammed  media reports early this week over the sacking of coach Peter Danga together with some senior players and a few rookies.
According to top guns at the board level they had not sacked Danga.
They also have not sacked the seven players.
However, they added that some of these players were carrying injuries and the board had given them time to recoup.
Alphonse Kapil (knee reconstruction), Abraham Irai (jaw reconstruction), Bafinuc Ilai (age), Wayne Warigeso, Wesley Wiseman and Thomson Teteh (medical clearance) and Douglas Uyasi was injured.
The players will be monitored and when they are fit will return to camp.
They also said that Glen Nami, Singfred Gande, Kevin Inagafa, Thomson Teteh had been at training since Monday.
They were disappointed that their names had been used in media reports.
The Lahanis board  assured the people of Eastern Highlands and Lahanis fans throughout PNG that some people were attempting to spoil the positive image of the sponsors and the pride of Eastern Highlands.
Sia said the board wanted to assure the people of Eastern Highlands that the  province had talented players that could even form two or three franchise teams in the bemobile cup challenge.
The current team was made up of players who were committed and they would lay down their lives to play for Goroka and their province.
Meanwhile, the Lahanis board will now be embarking more on discipline and commitment within the Lahanis rank and file.
The players who toe the line are indispensable regardless of them  being representive players in the Kumuls.
“The Lahanis board adopted a zero-tolerance approach and management and players have been advised to toe the line.
“If they fail to comply with the rules of the franchise, they will have to face the consequences,” the board chairman said.
However, sacked coach Peter Danga yesterday described his sacking and 12 players as an action stemmed out of pure jealousy by self-centred individuals.
“The sackings were effected without proper analysis of each player’s performance from the beginning.
“I am still confused and in doubt because executives of the team management should be the only people to be in the position to make decisions, analyse and evaluate each player’s performance for the board,” Danga said.
He said if there were  any changes in the team it should be based on medical grounds, inconsistencies and disciplinary reasons.
He added there was not any form of contractual agreements signed by players and the management; if any clauses or sections of the contract were breached, this could be highlighted in the letter to form the basis of their sacking which they would comply with.
“You can not expect player’s performance to be consistent in the final, it is a different ball game, and they cannot do miracles. They are just human and not super human,” Danga said.
He said they should simply appreciate their performance individually for efforts in the qualifying finals last year, instead of blaming the whole team for the losses  because it was a collective team game and everyone knew that very well.