Laiagam town is in a state of pothole limbo

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday March 4th, 2014

 IN early 2012, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill announced the upgrade and sealing of the multi-million kina Laiagam-Porgera section of the Highlands Highway. 

Since then, much work has been done by the contractors, except upgrading and widening of the 2.5km stretch that runs through the town and on to Mulitaka and Porgera.

One would wonder if new scoping is required to do this or if it is being neglected intentionally. 

If the contractor(s) and Department of Works are purposely omitting this section, I wonder if it is the responsibility of Nixon Mangape and Governor Peter Ipatas at the district and provincial level?

I  am  from Laiagam town and I am not impressed on the failure of this high impact project, especially  in  not  upgrading and widening the sections between the Niungu-Kandep junctions and terminating it at the heart of the town which should be an important section during scoping. 

Can Francis Awesa and David Wereh clarify why this portion was left out?

David Nehemiah