Laloki High gets face-lift

National, Normal


LALOKI High School in Central province has launched its rehabilitation of education sector infrastructure (RESI) programme following the release of the allocated K1.2 million to the school.
Headmaster Fred Paul commended the Government for choosing the school as one of the few recipients for the RESI funds.
“It is a very important day for Laloki High School as the changes through the rehabilitation of school infrastructure will improve the learning for 525 students in the school,” Mr Paul said.
The money would be used to build new classrooms, a library, houses for teachers, toilets and other improvements.
A construction company already been assigned to carry out the maintenance work and face-lift of the schools properties.
National Planning Department representative Igo Gari urged the school administration to use the money properly and ensure that all expenses were acquitted.
Mr Gari called on the students to look after the facilities.
Central education adviser Titus Hategen called on the teachers to make use of the opportunity to achieve academic excellence for the students and Laloki High School had to be the best school in Central province.
Mr Hategen urged the students to be serious about their education because it was becoming a competitive and expensive exercise at which parents spent a lot of money for their children’s schooling.
He commended all the parties involved in making it possible for the school to receive such funding from Waigani.