Lam puts belief back in local lads

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The National, Wednesday 19th September, 2012

TELIKOM PNG Prime Ministers XIII coach Adrian Lam is four sessions away from 3pm Sunday, but like the determined ‘Queenslander’ he was in his State of Origin prime, there is no giving up.
“We are doing our best to prepare as best we can,” Lam said yesterday when announcing his team captain Glen Nami and vice-captain Dion Aiye.
“The last three days have most importantly been about understanding how we want to play, our direction and patterns, establishing combinations and communication, which are key,” the former Maroons’ skipper said.
“We’re definitely not preparing to come second,” manager Matthew Natusch added.
“This is a very exciting phase for a fairly young team going forward.”
Natusch has been involved with the national team for nearly 20 years.
The first half of the week had been dedicated a lot more to technique, with Australia’s experience in mind, especially on both ends of the tackle area, and which Lam has been very persistent with since day one.
Two sessions a day out on the paddock for the past three days is coming together ‘nicely’ for Lam’s side.
The cobwebs of the long wait have been ‘done and dusted’ and taking shape in a formidable side on paper.
“I think they’ve molded nicely over the last sessions, it’s been hard but it is about making sure that we have these particular areas covered.
“There are six players making their debuts on Sunday too, so there is certainly no lack of excitement,” Lam said
Port Moresby city is set to pour into the Lloyd Robson Oval at the team’s final session on Friday at 3pm, with team management giving the public the opportunity to watch their team go through their second last session before the match.
The Australian PM’s XIII will arrive at 1.30pm tomorrow from Cairns.