Land group leader wants govt to invest in historic site


KUK Kawelka Incorporated Land Group chairman Michael Tori says the Kuk area in Western Highlands is an important historic site which the Government needs to invest in and protect as evidence humans first settled the country more than 10,000 years ago.
He said the area could be developed into a tourism hub because it was the only World Heritage site in PNG listed by the United Nations Environment, Social and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) in 2008.
According to the Unesco, the Kuk early agricultural site in the Waghi Valley, was designated and listed as the only World Heritage site in PNG in 2008. Kuk is one the few places where archaeological evidence suggested the presence of independent agricultural development and changes over a long period of time.
Tori said the government was focusing on growing the economy through investing and developing sustainable sectors like tourism and agriculture and the Kuk early agriculture site was a great asset for the people of Western Highlands and the country.
“We already registered this land and obtained our ILG certificate and we need support from government agencies and the provincial government to develop this site,” Tori said.

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