Land mediators’ roles clarified

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LAND mediators in East New Britain (ENB) have been told that it’s not their role to make decisions at hearings they conduct in communities.
The remarks were made by ENB Magistrate Samuel Lavutul during the closing ceremony of the land mediators’ empowerment workshop at Malapau Beach Resort in Kokopo on Friday.
Lavutul told 40 land mediators who attended the empowerment workshop, that there were two Acts, the Village Court Act and Land Dispute Settlement Act, which land mediators should familiarise themselves with.
Lavutul said the two Acts would be the guide and could help them when they conducted their mediations and helped them perform their duties better.
He urged the mediators to involve more young people who were interested in the role as land mediators so that skills and knowledge could be passed on in a timely manner.
The land mediators were presented certificates during the closing of the workshop. Meanwhile, land mediation coordinator from the Department of Justice and Attorney-General (DJAG), Village Court and Land Mediation Secretariat, Vincent Asu, commended the ENB government and its administration on creating the new division of Village Court and Land Mediation.
Asu said this new division would focus on helping Department of Justice and Attorney-General.
Asu explained that DJAG allocated grants specifically for this sector annually as the funds would help the new division to carry out its duties effectively.
He said the workshop was vital in helping land mediators with their work, as this was not taught in universities or schools, but in villages.

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  • Report didn’t tell us what their role is though!!!

    My family waited over 20 years after ‘mediation’ when inter clan dispute remained unsolved. The two involved clans spokespersons have since died before any decision.

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