Land men finalise incorporation

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THE Apo and Tikeleng landowners of Labuta in the Nawaeb district, Morobe province, are in the process of formalising their incorporation as landowner group to pave the way for the development of a commercial fish port.
This developed after the Port Moresby-based South Pacific-PNG Sea Food Ltd invested K150 million in fish-oriented projects in Lae last September.
The project is a joint venture (JV) between investor South Pacific, the Morobe Fisheries Authority (MFA) and the indigenous landowners.
MFA chairman Frank Pologo said once the landowners’ group had been incorporated, development of the facility would start.
Mr Pologo praised the landowners for being co-operative with each other, with the provincial government and the investor.
He said the fish port, once completed, was expected to attract fish-oriented companies, interested groups and other investors in the fish industry.
The project is also set to create employment opportunities for the locals and all sub-contracts would be given to the landowners as a first priority under the JV.
Mr Pologo said the fish port facility concept has also gained support from the National Government and that he is hopeful once completed, the facility would be similar to the K247 million (US$91 million) Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ) that is now taking shape in Madang province.