Land men slam fake groups in Ok Tedi

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The National, Wednesday 29th August, 2012

PRINCIPAL landowners at the Ok Tedi mine in Western province say they do not want other “illegitimate groups” to call themselves “landowners” and claim royalties.
Biul Kirokim told media at the Mineral Resource Authority (MRA) office in Port Moresby yesterday that there was another land group that had brought in “false claims” against the state, after being snubbed by the MRA in its revised memorandum of agreement (MoA) consultations.
Kirokim said anyone trying to stop Ok Tedi Mining Ltd from operation and MRA from revising its MoA consultations was illegitimate and should not be recognised.
He identified the group which he said was making false claims.
“We have been with Ok Tedi for the last 30 years and there is no need for mine closure from unrecognised groupings,” he said.
He said the group (named) was not from the special mining lease (SML) areas and its activities had disrupted all mining activities.